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Basic Computer Notes

Basic Computer Notes

1.What is Computer?
Computer is an electronics machine, that process the input data according to the given instruction & gives output as a result. It also saves the result for future use.

C – Commonly
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used for
T – Technical
E – Education and
– Research 
2.     How many parts of a computer?
Ans. There are two main parts of a computer.
         a. Hardware 
         b. Software 
3.     What is Hardware?
Ans. Hardware is the physical parts of a computer system which can see or touch.

4.     What is software?
Ans. Software is a type of function which help us to operate a computer and help us to solve our particular problem.
5.     What is Input?
Ans. Any order which is given by user to computer.
6.     What is input device?
Ans. Input device is a hardware parts or peripheral device used to send data to a computer.

7.     What is output?
Ans. Answers of input are known as output.
8.     What is output device?
Ans. Output device is a hardware parts or peripheral device used to produce result from the computer.

9. What is memory?
Ans. Memory is a device which stores data. Like: Audio, Video, Photo etc.
10. How many types of memory?
Ans. There are two types of memory.
         1. Primary Memory.
         2. Secondary Memory
11. What is primary memory?
Ans. This is the main memory of computer, which stores the data is directly associated with CPU.Primary memory is also known as internal memory.
12 What is secondary memory?
Ans.Secondary memory is a type of memory which stores the data permanently. it is used to store large data for future use. Secondary memory is also known as External memory.
13. How many types of primary memory?
Ans. There are 2 types of primary memory.
    A) RAM (Random Access Memory)
    B) ROM (Read Only Memory)
14. How many types of secondary memory?
Ans. There are different types of secondary memory. like memory card, external hard disk, CD/DVD cassets, pendrive etc. 
15. What is RAM?
Ans. RAM Stands for Random Access Memory. Initially every task is stored in RAM & then stored in Hard Disk. It stores data temporarily. No data will remain when power is switched off. It is volatile memory. 
16. What is ROM?
 Ans. ROM Stands for Read Only Memory. It is Programming Chip.Where all the system information are recorded & can't be changed.      
17. What is Hard Disk?

Ans. It stores data permanently on a computer.It is also called Hard Disk Drive, Hard Drive.
18. What is data?
Ans. Any types of file stored in a computer are called data.
19. What is memory unit?
Ans. Memory unit is the amount of data that can be stored in the storage unit.The storage capacity is measured by bytes.

20. What is keyboard?
Ans. A keyboard is an input device that allow a user to input text  into a computer.
21. How many types of keys in keyboard?
Ans. There are following types of keys in keyboard.
         Alphabet keys = A, B, C, D,............Y, Z
         Numeric keys = 1, 2, 3,...................9, 10
         Function keys = F1, F2,....................F12
         Special keys = ctrl, alt, del, shift,tab, capslock etc.
22. What is the function of keys in the keyboard?
Ans. Function of keys.
o   Caps lock: it is used to make the alphabets capital or small letters. When has pressed on it gives capital alphabets and when it is off it gives small alphabets.
o   Esc: it is used to cancel some programs.
o   Shift key:it is used to display capital and small alphabets by holding shift.
o   Tab: it is used to give long space between two character or word.
o   Space bar: it is used to give space between two character or word.
o   Back space: it is used to remove character at the back of the cursor.
o   Delete: it is used to remove character at the right of the cursor.
o   End: it is used to move the cursor at the end of the line.
o   Home: it is used to move the cursor at the end of the line.
o   Page up: it is used to move the cursor one page up.
o   Page down: it is used to move the cursor one page down.
o   Num lock: it is used to lock and unlock the numeric pad.
o   Arrows: there are 4 arrow keys.
o   Left arrow: it is used to move the cursor one character left.
o   Right arrow: it is used to move the cursor one character right.
o   Up arrow: it is used to move the one line up.
o   Down arrow: it is used to move the one line down. 
o   Alt,ctrl:it is used to special purpose only. It is also used to create various shortcut keys.

    23.    How many types of keyboard?
    Ans. There are different types of keyboards available according to the varying needs of the user.
Wired keyboard: the PS/2 and USB are the two wired connections that connect the keyboards to your desktop computer.
Wireless keyboard: the wireless keyboards are not connected to your computer by any cables.
Multimedia keyboard: the multimedia keyboards are designed for playing audio, video and volume control, play, stop, and mute operations.

    24.    What is mouse?
   Ans. A mouse is an input device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen. Mouse is also called pointing device.
    25.    How many types of mouse?
    Ans.There are different types of mouse available according to the varying needs of the user.
Wired mouse
Wireless mouse
Trackball mouse
Optical mouse
Laser mouse
    27.    What is printer?
    Ans. A printer is an output device that prints paper documents. This includes text documents, images, or a combination of both.
    28.    How many types of printer?
    Ans. There are following types of printer.
o   Dot - matrix printer

o   Daisy- wheel printer
o   Line printer
o   Drum printer
o   Chain printer
o   Band printer
o   Inkjet printer
o   Laser printer
    29.    What is desktop?
    Ans. It is background area of windows on which icon, menu and dialog box appear.
    30. What is start button?
    Ans. Starts button appears in the lower left corner of the screen. When you click the start button, you will see a menu, which contains everything you need to begin using windows.
    31. What is icon?
    Ans. Icon is the graphical representation of the computer. A small picture that represents a file, program, browser etc.Icons help you open file or program quickly.
   32. What is taskbar?
   Ans. Taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen. It contains a button for each open window on the desktop.
   33. How to set desktop background?
Right click on desktop.
Click on personalize.
Click on desktop background.
Select any background image.
Click on save changes.
Close window.

    34. How to set screen saver?
Right click on desktop.
Click on personalize.
Click on screen saver.
Select any screen saver.
Click on apply.
Click on ok.                                
    35. How to set date & time?
Click on right corner of the taskbar.
Click on change date & time setting.
Click on change date & time.
Set correct date & time.
Click on ok.
Again, click on ok.
   36. How to hide/ show taskbar?

Right click on taskbar.
Click on properties.
Check auto hide the taskbar.
Click on apply.
Click on ok
Right click on taskbar.
Click on properties.
Uncheck auto hide the taskbar.
Click on apply.
Click on ok

    37. How to create new folder?
Right click on desktop.
Click on new.
Click on new folder.
Shortcut key:
    38. How to create subfolder
      Open folder.
                 Click on new folder.
    39. How to change folder name?
Right click on folder
Click on rename.
Type any name which you want.
Press enter button.
    40. How to delete folder?
Right click on folder.
Click on delete.
Click on yes.
    41. How to delete folder permanently?
Press shift key & right click on folder.
Click on delete.
Click on yes.
    42. How to restore deleted folder?
Open recycle bin.
Right click on your folder which restore.
Click on restore.

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