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MS Excel Practical Notes

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MS Excel Practical Notes 

       1. What is ms excel?
  MS excel is a software program produced by Microsoft that allows users to organize,       
  format and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system.
       2. How to start ms excel?
 There are 4 ways to start ms excel.
 Start>all programs>Microsoft office> Microsoft office excel 2007.
 Start>Microsoft office excel 2007.
 Start>type “excel” in search box> press enter button.
 Run > type “excel”> press enter button.
       3. How to create new workbook?
 Click on “office button”
 Click on “new”.

 Select “blank document”.
 Click on “create”.
       4. How to use save workbook?
 Click on “office button”.
 Click on “save”.
       5. How to use save as?
 Click on office button.
 Click on save as.
       6. How to use & customize quick access toolbar?
 Click on “customize quick access toolbar”.
 Select “option”.
       7. How to use cut, copy, paste & format painter options?
 Using cut, copy & paste
 Select cell.

 Click on cut or copy.
 Click on paste.
  Using format painter
  Select cell.
  Click on format painter.
  Click other cell.
       8. How to use bold italic & underline?
  Select cell
  Click on bold/ italic/ underline.
       9. How to increase and decrease font size?
 Select cell.
 Click on “grow font” for increase size.
 Click on “shrink font” for decrease size.
      10. How to change font color & font style?
 Select cell.
 Click on “font color”.
 Select cell.
 Click on “font style”.
      11. How to use fill color?
 Select cell.
 Click on “fill color”.
      12. How to use text alignment & indent?
 Select cell.

 Click on left/center/right/top middle/bottom.
 Select cell.
 Click on “increase indent” / “decrease indent”.
      13.How to use orientation (change text direction)?
 Orientation: this option is used to change text direction.
 Select cell.
 Click on “orientation”.
 Select “orientation style”.
      14.  How to use wrap text?
 Wrap text: this option is used to adjust multiple lines of text in a single cell.
 Select cell.
 Click on “wrap text”.
      15.  How to use merge & center?
 Merge & center: this option is used to merge multiple cells.
 Select “two or more cell”.
 Click on “merge & center” option.
      16.  How to insert rupees symbol?
 Select data.
 Click on “accounting number format”.
 Click on “more accounting format”.
 Click on “symbol drop down list”.
 Select “rupees symbol”.

      17.  How to use conditional formatting?
 Conditional formatting: conditional formatting is a feature of excel which used to highlight   cells.
 Select data.
 Click on “conditional formatting”.
      18.  How to use format as table?
 Format as table: this option is used to automatically convert it to a table.
 Select data.
 Click on “format as table”.
       19.  How to use cell styles?
  Cell styles: this option is used to set cell styles according to given condition.
  Select data.
  Click on “cell styles”.
       20.  How to insert row?
  Select the row below where you want the new row to appear.
  For example:
  if you want to insert a row between rows 7 & 8, select row 8.
  Click on “insert” on the “home tab”.
  Click on “insert sheet rows”.
        21.  How to insert column?
   Select the right column where you want the new column to appear.
   For example:
   If you want to insert a column between columns E & F, select column F.
   Click on “insert” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “insert sheet columns.

         22.  How to insert sheet?
   Click on “insert” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “insert sheet”.
         23.  How to delete row?
   Select the row you want to delete.
   Click on “delete” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “delete sheet rows”.
         24.  How to delete column?
   Select the column you want to delete.
   Click on “delete” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “insert sheet columns”.
         25.  How to delete sheet?
   Click on “delete” on the home tab.
   Click on “delete sheet”.
         26.  How to increase/ decrease row height?
   Select rows.
   Click on “format” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “row height”.
   Type “number”.
   Click on "ok" 

         27.  How to increase / decrease column width?
   Select columns.
   Click on “format” on the “home tab”.
   Click on “column width”.
   Type “number”.
         28.  How to hide rows?
   Select rows.
   Click on “format”.
   Click on “hide & unhide”.
   Click on “hide rows”.

         29.  How to hide columns?
   Select columns.
   Click on “format” on the “home tab”
   Click on “hide & unhide”.
   Click on “hide columns”.
        30.  How to rename sheet?
   Click on “format” on the “home tab”
   Click on “rename”.

   Type “sheet name”.
   Press “enter” button.
        31.  How to use tab color?
   Click on “format”.
   Click on “tab color”.
   Select “color”.
        32.  How to protect sheet?
   Click on “format”.
   Click on “protect sheet”.
   Type “password”.
   Click on “ok”.
   Again type “password”.
   Click on “ok”.
        33.  How to use sort & filter?
   Select data.
   Click on “sort & filter”.
        34.  How to insert picture?
   Click on “insert tab”.
   Click on “picture”.
   Select “picture”.
   Click on “insert”.
        35.  How to create charts?
   Click on “insert tab”.
   Select “chart styles”.
        36.  How to insert hyperlink?
   Select text.

   Click on “hyperlink”.
   Select “file”.
   Click on “ok”.
        37.  How to draw text box?
   Click on “insert tab”.
   Click on “text box”.
   Draw “text box”.
       38.  How to use header & footer?
   Click on “insert tab”.
   Click on “header & footer”.
   Type “text” on header & footer.
       39.  How to use word art?
  Word art: this option is used to insert decorative text.
  Click on “insert tab”.
  Click on “word art”.
  Select “word art design”.
  Type “text”.
        40.  How to use signature line?
  Signature line: this option is used to insert signature line.
v  Click on “insert” tab.
v  Click on “signature line”.
v  Click on “ok”.
v  Type your detail.
v  Click on “ok”.

v  Right click on signature box.
v  Click on sign.
v  Select signature.
        41.  How to insert object?
  Object: this option is used to insert another file.
v  Click on “insert” tab.
v  Click on “object”.
v  Select “object type”.
v  Click on “ok”.
       42.  How to insert symbol?
  Symbol: this option is used to insert symbol in a document.
v  Click on “insert” tab.
v  Click on “symbol”.
v  Select “symbol”. 
       43.  How to use page setup?
   Click on “page layout tab”.
  Click on “margin”.
  Select “margin”.
  Click on “custom margin”.

  Click on “orientation”.
  Click on “portrait or landscape”.
  Click on “size”.
  Select “page size”.
  Print Area:
  Select data which you want to print.
  Click on “print area”.
  Click on “set print area”.
  Click on “background”.
  Select “picture” from computer.
  Print titles:
  Click on print titles:
  Set “print titles”.
        44.  How to use text to columns?
  Select “data”.
  Click on “text to columns.
  Click on “next”.
  Click on “space”.
  Click on “next”.
  Click on “destination” & select cell.
  Click on “finish”.
        45.  How to remove duplicate value?
  Select data.

  Click on “remove duplicates”.
  Click on “ok”.
        46.  How to use data validation?
  Data Validation: data validation is a feature in excel used to what a user can enter into a     
  Select “column”.
  Click on “data tab”.
  Click on “data validation”.

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answer देने की पूरी कोशिश करेंगे। 

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