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MS Excel Tutorial

MS Excel Tutorial

MS Excel Tutorial Provides basic and advance concept of Excel. Our MS Excel tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals by keeping their requirements in mind.

Microsoft Excel is a computer application program written by microsoft. It mainly comprises Tabs, Group of Commands and worksheets. It stores the data in tabular form and allows the users to perform manipulation operations on them.

Our MS Excel tutorial will cover all topics from basic to advance. Such as Introduction of MS Excel, worksheets, ribbon and tabs, function, formula, conditional formatting, data validation and more. Along with it, we will also show you the steps to download and activate MS Excel.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an office use application designed by microsoft. It comes with Office suite with several other Microsoft Application such as Word, Power Point, Access, Outlook and One note etc. It is supported in Windows as well as Mac Operating System too.

Microsoft Excel is one of the must suitable spreadsheet programs that help us to store and represent the data in tabular form, manage and manipulate data, create optically logical charts and more. Excel provides you the worksheet to create a new document in it. You can save the excel file with .xls extension.  

Note: we are using Excel 2010 for this excel tutorial.


A worksheet is made of rows and columns that intersect each other to form cells where data is entered. It is capable of performing multiple tasks like calculations, data analysis and integrating data.

In excel worksheet, rows are represented by numbers and columns by alphabets.

A single excel workbook can consist of several sheets named sheet1, sheet2,  sheet3,........sheetN. You can add one or more sheets to your excel worksheet.

MS Excel Features

There are several features that are available in excel to make our task more manageable. Some of the main features are:

1. Auto sum: Auto sum feature helps us to calculate the sum of row or column automatically by inserting an addition formula for a range of cells.

2. List Auto Fill: It automatically develops cell formatting when a new component is added to the end of a list.

3. Auto Fill: The feature allows us to quickly fill cells with a repetitive or sequential record such as dates or numbers and repeated list. Auto fit can also be used to copy functions. We can also alter text and numbers with this features.

4. Auto Shapes: Auto shapes toolbar will allow us to draw some geometrical shapes, arrows, flowchart items, stars and more. With these shapes, we can draw our graphs.

5. Wizard:  It guides us to work effectively while we work by displaying several helpful tips and techniques based on what we are doing. Drag and drop feature will help us to reposition the record and text by simply dragging the data with the help of the mouse.

6. Charts: This feature will help you to present the data in graphical form by using Pie, Bar, Lines, Charts and more.

7. Pivot Table: It flips and sums data in seconds and allows us to execute data analysis and generating documents like periodic financial statements, statistical documents etc. We can also analyze complex data relationships graphically.

8. Shortcut Menus: The shortcut menu helps users to make the work done through shortcut commands that need a lengthy process.

How to Open Micro Soft Excel?

1. Click on the start button and search for the MS Excel. If it is already installed in your system. It will appear here like this. 

Double Tap on this icon to open the excel.
When the excel opens, an interface will appear like this. From here, you can create a new workbook.

2. Press Window + R and type "excel" then press "enter" button. 

MS Excel Interface

Menu Bar

Menu Bar is also known as Tab Bar. It also has many menus like: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, View and Review etc.

Title Bar

Title Bar is at the top of the Menu Bar, indicating the file name. You have saved this document by what name it shows it only. Book1 – Microsoft Excel will be written before saving and its name will be changed after saving.

Ribbon Menu

When we click on any of the menus like: Home, Insert, Page Layout etc. Then again a menu opens in front of us which are called Ribbon Menu.

Minimize, Maximize & Close Button

These three buttons are used to change the state of MS Excel’s open current windows.

Understand the meaning of all three.

               i.          With this you can minimize your Windows Screen.

              ii.          With this you can maximize your Windows Screen.

             iii.          With this you can close MS Excel.

Help Option

Through this, we can take any kind of help related to Microsoft Excel. For this, we have to click this Help Button Pore, After that we have to search our problem.

Work area or Worksheet

When we open Microsoft Excel, a worksheet with Spreadsheet opens in front of us in which all the work is done. It is organized in all cells.

Sheet Tab

Through this, we can open as many worksheets inside Excel as we want, but in excel only By Default three sheets are given Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3. To open this more worksheet, Press F11 with shift in the keyboard and open as many worksheets as you want.

You can also open a new by clicking on this option.

Customize Sheet Tab

Insert, Delete, Rename, Move or copy, View Code, Protect Sheet, Tab Color, Hide, Unhide, Select all sheet.

When we go to any sheet and press the right button of the mouse, we see many options like: Insert, Delete, Rename, Move or Copy, View Code, Protect Sheet, tab Color, Hide, Unhide, Select all sheet.

After clicking on the option with insert, there is a windows open which has two options General and Spreadsheet Solution. Through this option, you can work on an option like Worksheet, Chart, Sales Report, Time Card, Billing Statement etc. By inserting in excel.


Through this, you can delete any particular sheet.


Through this, you can edit any particular sheet. i.e. its name.

Move or Copy

Through this, you can copy or move your sheets from one place to another.

View Code

Through this, you can view the code.

Protect sheet

Through this, you can protect any sheet with a password.

Tab Color

Through this, you can change the color of Sheets Tab.


Through this, you can hide any sheets.


Through this, you can unhide the hidden sheets.

Select all sheet

By clicking on it, all your sheets in Excel will be selected. To Un-select it again go to one of the sheets and press the right button of the mouse and ungroup it.

Quick Access Toolbar

This is a tool using which we can open any option or tool quickly, that is, if I use a lot of shape, I will add it to the Quick Access Toolbar so that option is always visible on our screen. We will keep giving it and we will open it directly.

Work Area

The distance we work within Excel is the called the Work Area

Cells & Cell name

There are a lot of cell in Excel in which in we solve arithmetic questions.but the cell name is the one which shows that the name of the cell in which we are presently is shown to us.

Formula Bar

Whatever from of cell we use inside Excel ,those formula is shown in the “Formula Bar”

Horizontal & Vertical Scroll Bar

Vertical and horizontal use Scorll Bar for scrolling the page .If the number of row and columns increases more, then we can back and forth throught it.

Page View

It has three options that change the page Layout. You can try alternatelby click on the three options.

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25. BIOS और CMOS क्या है ? पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में।
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